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Kindred Platform

Lifestyle management reimagined

Stunning Simplicity

Access information and stay connected

Mobile devices have become the main go-to for most of our daily tasks and interactions. We spend roughly 4 hours a day and it's predicated that with technology becoming more sophisticated the time we spend on our mobiles will only increase. Members will have access to vast amounts of information which is both easy to access and interact. With this in mind, Kindred App, was developed to bring registered users an enhanced user experience.

User based design

Empowering management for more engagement and less oversight

Every building is unique and requires different things, and whilst building managers make it look easy to run a building, we understand the complexities they deal with on a daily basis. Because no two projects are the same, Kindred Admin Dashboard provides you the flexibility to tailor it according to your building or project needs. This one goes to the secret heroes of every building running smoothly, to all the building manager we salute you and we’ll keep working hard to keep providing you with the tools you need.

Experience platform

Two unique perspectives, one solution

Kindred has been designed as a single-platform solution for a flawless performance that improves your team productivity and communication. Its modular architecture allows to meet the diverse needs of a diverse industry and grow with it as the needs of your members grows. From boutique offices to fast growing corporations, its highly flexibility has been designed to boost efficiencies whatever sector your business serves.


Power to your members. Kindred mobile app offers a wide range of features to make members life a lot easier.
Can’t see the feature you’re after? Give us a call to know more about the full features range that we offer.

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Having some friends around? We made your amenities bookings available at your finger tips for when you’re on the go.


Don’t know where the apartment manual is? We got you covered, with a digital library of all documents that relate to your apartment.

Event Calendar

Don’t know what to do during the weekend? Why not check the event calendar to see what’s on in your area.

Help Desk

Need to report an issue? Just submit a ticket and management will keep you up to date with the process along the way.

Keys & Fobs

Lost keys or need a new set? With just a few clicks order and pay through the app once ready we’ll notify you.

Local Area

New to the area? Just check out the local area and start discovering the hidden gems and events in your neighbourhood.

Parcels & Deliveries

Expecting a delivery? Receive updates when parcels are ready for collection from reception.


Need to pay a booking bond? We’ve setup secure payments for instant bonds and other service payments through your app.

Push Notifications

Lift taking too long? Be notified when lifts are not working, windows getting cleaned or other crucial information in your building.

Social Groups

Looking to team up with members with the same interest? Check out the social groups in your building.

SMS Alerts

Switched off notifications? Don’t worry, SMS’s can be setup as a backup for those emergency situations.

Special Offers

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Access exclusive offers and help support your local community.

Admin Dashboard

Empowering management for more engagement and less oversight

Asset inventory Seamless asset management
Contractors Information is compiled at one place
Work Orders Instantly create and assign cases

Maintenance Workflow and maintenance statuses
Preferred Suppliers Reliable business directory
Reports Drive your success


  • Improve efficiencies
  • Boost productivity
  • Simplify processes
  • Schedule inspections
  • Team collaboration
  • Centralise communication
  • Secure environment
  • User friendly
  • Operations automation
  • Cost reduction
  • Better customer service
  • Real-time data
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Standarised processes
  • Community growth
  • Access 24/7

Transforming daily tasks into seamless experiences

Kindred’s versatility is what makes it such an effective portal for residents and building managers. It can easily be adopted to suit your residential projects requirements and community. With Instant access and connecting each user to their respective building or community like never before.

With bookings, parcel delivery updates, documents, help desk access and many more features at your members fingertips effectively bringing residential lifestyle to a digital age. Keeping residents informed on everything going on in their building with real time updates.

Smoother operating procedures

Kindred robust modular infrastructure allows you to provide a wide range of tools to manage critical operations across multiple areas and end-of-trip solutions for your members. Delivering a scalable, secure and highly valued experiences through a seamless platform.

Commercial spaces go beyond interior design, styles, coffees and comfort, it is people, customers and services that function as a unique fingerprint revealing information about the culture adapted and impact of digital engagement through services bringing to life a true and powerful representation of your digital eco system.

Versatility is what sets us apart

Kindred game-changing platform will give your community the competitive edge to truly differentiate their digital ecosystem in a very challenging environment through a single Microservices digital hub. Every development is unique and each one requires its own tools. To operate successfully in an intricate environment you must have the capability to accommodate your day-to-day and long term logistics.

Kindred adapts to the specifications of your project, from multiple residential projects under one group to multiple industries such as residential, commercial, retail, hotels, etc under one group. A comprehensive technology services that enables your team with full control of the environment.

Improving members value through technology

Technology has transformed our interacting habits. Automation, information at your fingertips, streamlined processes, mobile apps and much more allow us to get what we want at almost the time we need it. Because of this, members tend to rate their organisation experiences and overall satisfaction.

So why not transform your traditional organisation into a digital model and adapt to todays members expectations that will not just result in better ratings but it will also deliver a more valuable and memorable experience to your members that will then result in a better engagement.

Integrate and Expand

Core application and data integration capabilities

Kindred Digital Platform is built with a modular framework allowing your project achieve better results, faster than ever before and more sustainable over the long run.

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Digital Sigange

Create a modern interactive experience with instant content deployment that is relevant for your audience by featuring live and interactive digital signage screens.

Place Activation

Optimise your space by transforming it from an ordinary space into an activated place where users can engage, converse and foster a true sense of community.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Treat your users like royalty when they demonstrate loyalty; offer exclusive promotions and build a reward program to ensure that your users keep coming back for more.

Foot Traffic Counter

Produce new insights to understand your audience to help further your customer service, ensuring that you always have whatever you need to meet the demands of your users.